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Let me ask you this:

Is it written in your ID card that you are nervous, shy, stressed, anxious, impulsive, uncertain, moody or subject to mood swings, lazy, irrational, or whatever it is?

For sure not! But why are you sometimes like this?

You may say “That's life...” but that does not solve anything. Let’s say you get nervous often... how does it start?

Do you say to yourself “now for the next 30 minutes I’ll be nervous”?

Not really… when it comes, it just comes, right? And no matter what you do, you are still nervous, even if you try to resist it.

But if you do not want that specific condition, why then do you have it?

There must be something in the mind triggering it without you knowing it.

For the first time it has been discovered in Dianetics what activates these mechanisms in the mind that are behind such feelings or thoughts. Dianetics explains how to get rid of them.

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The Hidden Truth About Your Fears

The unconscious, subconscious or reactive mind underlies and enslaves man. It's the source of your nightmares, unreasonable fears, upsets and any insecurity.


Buy and read Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health by L. Ron Hubbard and learn how to:

  • Solve your most difficult problems
  • Get rid of misery, sadness, and depression
  • Have more money, more success, and more confidence
  • Find love, be happy, and live more joyfully
  • Rid yourself of self-destructive, harmful impulses and behaviors
  • Achieve every goal and accomplishment that’s important to you
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Analytical Mind and Reactive Mind

Dianetics is the Solution

You may have wondered, as so many do, “What makes smart people do dumb things?”

The answer is their reactive mind. And when you clear it away, you stop doing dumb things and making wrong decisions… and take positive, bold, decisive actions that can lead to major improvements in your life.

What do you desire most in this life? Great wealth? Good health? Safety and protection for your family? To feel secure and safe in an uncertain world?

Whatever your goal… personal, spiritual, or material… the cutting edge “science of the mind” in Dianetics not only puts those goals within your grasp, but frees you from fear, doubt, and uncertainty so you can work vigorously for their attainment—and succeed!



Jessica P.

I went through a pretty terrible breakup a few years ago that left me devastated. The loss that I had experienced from that break up had literally been consuming my life, and that Dianetics session gave me my life back.

Jessica P.
Pat S.

Every day at work was a struggle to overcome my lack of confidence. I worked in a business world, and I was always trying to get by without being discovered. Dianetics removed so much negativity that my confidence rose to the point where I was able to handle my environment much better.

Pat S.
Brian D.

Before Dianetics, I was a ‘thinker’—I would sit and ruminate on a loss, one that went round and round in my mind, unresolved... I was a bit of a hopeless case; sad and introverted, compared to my usual energetic self. After Dianetics, I regained that energy level, I found the smile again, and I found that I could look at other areas of my life with renewed hope that it didn't have to be that way, that it could change.

Brian D.
Will S.

Dianetics gave me a total understanding of how and why the mind works the way it does and why people behave in the ways that they do. That knowledge and sense of certainty has made me much more confident and better able to handle myself and other people and create the outcomes I intend to in situations in life.

Will S.
Crystal H.

I had always been pretty confident in myself but after Dianetics I found myself not worrying anymore about how others viewed me or what they thought of me. I found that this made me way more friendly and outgoing and I have so many friends now.

Crystal H.
Latisha B.

Has Dianetics increased my happiness? Absolutely!!! Within the first two months of my experiences with Dianetics I found I have internal happiness that I never knew existed. It introduced me to who I was, wanted to be and desire to be in the future.

Latisha B.

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